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May 2021


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Rising 2 year Bulls



Kowai Angus stud uses both natural and A.I. matings to cover cows.  A.I. enables us to easily identify which sires link with our herd, and we can then utilise sons to maintain consistency in the type of bulls we produce.  

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 A home bred sire with great feet and nice muscle pattern


An ease of calving son of A&B Spotlight


Kowai Dante 609


Rockley M266


Milwillah Napa N498







A long bodied thickly fleshed American sire used via A.I


Fisrt crop of calves on this now deceased sire have weaned very well.  Look forward to seeing how they progress.


An American AI sire promising calving ease and superior carcase


LD Capitalist 316


Totaranui Archie 15154


Varilek Geddes 7068








An ease of calving yearling used over heifers


  An Australian AI sire used for calving ease and carcase traits.


A larger growth bull used over the larger growth cows


Takapoto 18 16


Millah Murrah Lakeside L69


Ranui 16110













Kowai Lotto 799


Waitangi K244


Kowai Rancher 789



Wendon Valley, 3 R.D. Gore, NZ 9773

E-mail: bulls@kowai-angus.co.nz

Ph: 64  03  2072-895