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Rising 2 year Bulls




14 March

Filled 2 pads for silage today - the yearling heifer pad and the MA cow pad.  Fortunately we were able to crib grass from the runoff as the growing season hasn't been the best and winter feed will be tight for the cows.

Contractor chopping Barley/grass mix Finishing off the cow pad
11 March Preganancy tested the cows and maiden heifers today.  Looks like a good strike for the AI given how difficult the season was at that point in time.
2 March

Xcell visited today to semen test the bulls and do a penile examination. There was quite a mix of results, between those who were sound, and 1 having lumps on top of his testicles, a couple with warts and another pair who failed due to free heads- ASK YOUR BULL SUPPLIER DOES HE KNOW THE FERTILITY HEALTH STATUS OF THE BULLS HE IS OFFERING FOR SALE

Waiting to check the penis and collect a semen sample

Viewing the semen mobility and quality.
Warts A semen sample containing an infection
A healthy semen sample A closer view of a healthy sample
15 January Today silage was chopped and rolled into the pit for the 2yr heifers.  So far summer has been colder than usual and the grass has been slower growing.
December AI programme going well - using U2 Coalition from Canada, Montana Elevation from the USA, Milwillah Napa N498 from Australia and  Totaranui Archie 15154 from New Zealand

24 November

Bulk mated the yearling heifers today with Takapoto Full Force 19 17 and the mixed aged cows will be sorted this week to go to Ranui 16110,  Kowai Eddie 921 and Kowai Dante 609

  19 October Weighed the yearling bulls today - due to a combination of wintering on fodderbeet and our really kind spring this crop of bulls weigh an average 100Kg more than bulls weighed at the same time other years.
  10 August

Bulls are absolutely loving the fodderbeet - have to double fence so they can move straight onto the new break.  Over 100 in the mob and not eating a complete bale of balage per day.  They are very             

content compared to when wintering on chou.

  19 June Yearling bulls have finally taken to the fodder beet - thought we had wasted a lot of money planting it as it has taken 12 days for them to adjust to it.


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