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 The Kowai Angus cattle stud was established in 1961 by Colin Stringer, of Tapanui, West Otago when he purchased fifteen foundation cows featuring Lincoln (Lincoln Agricultural College, Canterbury) and Brackenfield (F.A. Elliot, Marlborough) bloodlines.


Since then the Kowai Angus stud has shifted three times. In 1965 the small herd moved to Springfield, Canterbury. In 1972 a slightly larger herd shifted a short distance to Whitecliffs, Canterbury, at which time Dougal Stringer, son of Colin, started his involvement in the management of the stud. Finally in 1994 a herd of 80 females shifted south again to Wendon Valley, Southland, where Dougal and his wife Gay commenced sole control of the management.


Note worthy bulls that have produced daughters that have gone on to produce a minimum of 6 consecutive calves, with heifers being retained for breeding and bulls selling for above the season's average are: Smuggler of Glashan; Patriot of Lincoln; Brackenfield Edwin Eric; Jex 3 of Waiterenui and his son Jex 4 of Kowai; Totara Hills 548, a son of Massive of Kaharau; Stern Zobassey 272; Canadian bull Darkfaulds Energiser.  


The identification of very low blood copper levels in the cows late 1996 led to the establishment of the Wendon Valley Trace Element Monitor Group, an AGMARDT funded Technology Transfer project, facilitated by Gay and working with Dr Neville Grace of AgResearch Grasslands and Dr Murray Craighead of Ravensdown Fertiliser Co-op Ltd. The three year project involved twelve neighbouring farms. Copper, B12, Selenium and Iodine levels were analysed from 100's of samples of soil; pasture; blood and liver samples of young sheep, cattle and deer. Dose response trials determined that low pasture coppers (8ppm) and high pasture Molybdenum levels (>.5ppm) were interfering with the endocrine system of the cows and affecting her fertility. The trial also determined that the Kale the cows were wintering on was Cu deficient, which led to a change of wintering policy.


Kowai Angus has competed for many years at A&P shows. Highlights are:

  • Supreme Angus Female Canterbury Royal 1977 -Clyde 32 of Kowai Andrew winning the Junior Herdsperson, Southland Royal A & P, 1999, aged 13 years.
  • Supreme Angus Southland Royal 1979 -Clyde 32 of Kowai
  • 1st All Breeds 2yr Heifer Southland Royal 1999 -Kowai Trina 1085
  • NZ Performance Beef Breeders Junior Herdsperson Southland Royal 1999 and Waikato Royal 2000 - Andrew Stringer
  • Champion Cow Southland Royal 2004 - Kowai Legacy 3
  •  Meat & Wool Cup, Supreme Cattle exhibit Gore A & P 2005 - Kowai Legacy 3
  • Supreme Beef Exhibit Gore A&P 2017 - 2 year old heifer

Wendon Valley, 3 R.D. Gore, NZ 9773


Ph: 64  03  2072 895