Our Guarantee to You

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27th Annual Sale




May 2021


on property


By appointment


Rising 2 year Bulls





 Kowai Bull Quality


  • Pasture reared
  • Accurate identification via DNA check
  • i50K tested
  • Performance assessed through Breedplan
  • No unnecessary supplementation
  • Leave Clinker Hill with no DDT in carcase
  • Selected for temperament
  • T.B. Accredited Free Herd C10
  • Brucellosis and mannosidosis free herd
  • Tested clear and Vaccinated for BVD
  • Guaranteed for fertility and soundness.
  • Fertility tested by Xcell
  • Other tests available on request





Mob of bulls summer 2002The entry of a Kowai bull for sale carries with it an undertaking by Kowai Angus that the bull is sound and capable of service.


If the Kowai bull does not perform as a result of his own fertility or a structural defect, excluding injury and illness, the purchase price, or part thereof if after one season, will be refunded


Conditions of Guarantee


  • In every case a trial period of nine calendar months from the date of the sale must be allowed to test the fertility of the bull.
  • The bull must be given full and sufficient opportunity to prove that he is a good server and stock-getter.
  • The bull must have proper care and attention and be maintained in good condition and health.
  • Notify the breeder, so he can advise on Guarantee procedures.
  • Vet certificate or letter of infertility or unsoundness must be sent to breeder.
  • Please notify breeder prior to disposing of bull unless for humane reasons.




Wendon Valley, 3 R.D. Gore, NZ 9773


Ph: 64  03  2072895